PUMA System

PUMA System® is a solution for programming multi-axis profile machining centers produced by various manufacturers. It is characterized by a significant simplification of programming work and typically achieves shorter pass-through times for customer’s parts. Problems referred to clamp management, path and tool optimization, saw handling and machine-oriented simulation of the NC code that is generated, are easy solved by PUMA-System® and this contributes to simplify end user life.

PUMA-System® is known worldwide as a key contact for the programming of long parts on profile machining centers. More specifically, it’s goal is to close the gap between existing standard functionalities and the typical high-level demands made by clients, with the result to make it easier to program CNC machines.
Using our profound knowledge of manufacturing technology and years of experience with complex programming tasks, we aim to make our customers’ dream of easy, yet effective utilization of profile machining centers become a reality. PUMA-System® is today the Cad / Cam proposal that best merges performances and ease of use.